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I have the coolest friends. (For real.) Perhaps you remember my post about Brian, who bought a domain name for my blog. Well another friend has stepped in to give my blog a mega-makeover. It finally looks just the way I dreamed!! Whitly Charles is a fantabulous graphic-designer-in-training at the University of Indianapolis. She is a total dreamboat to work with. I can think of few students who take their work so seriously and put in so many hours. She’s a real perfectionist, in the best sense of the term. THANK YOU SO MUCH, WHITLY! I love my new look.

I disappeared from the blogging world again for a bit. I had to put in some long hours to finish up the manuscript for this project, which I am submitting to the honors college review board THIS WEEK. February was a hard month. And then I started March with a sinus infection, since my immune system got mad at me for not taking care of myself. I learned my lesson. I’m back for good! And one month from today, I will present my work to the public!! A year and a half of work is finally coming together now.


Why Brian is the bomb.

Once upon a time, a few weeks ago, my friend Brian texted me a link to I thought he was trying to tell me that I hadn’t updated my blog in a while. (Gee, thanks Brian. I know I’m irresponsible.) But he was trying to show me that he bought me a domain name for my blog! No longer will you have to type in the enormously long “” He said he really liked my blog and wanted to support what I’m doing. So now I have a little corner of the internet named just for my site. And that, my friends, is why Brian is the bomb.

An old picture of my fiancé Josh with Brian back in the day. They’re best pals, obviously.

I’m not dead.

The reason I’m not a real blogger is because real bloggers don’t abandon their blogs for months at a time. Life is fast, and full. I went home for Thanksgiving break shortly after my last post, and got engaged. (Can I just say WOOHOO!!!!! for a second?) I finished out a furious finals week full of term papers, and went home to a month of sweet bliss with my family and fiancé. The entire time, I had a nagging voice in the back of my head… “Shouldn’t you be blogging?! Shouldn’t  you be painting? Shouldn’t you be writing about your paintings?” but sometimes my heart is quiet. It’s hard to paint or speak because I don’t have a lot to say. I’m not sure how people rely on creative energy to make a living. Sometimes life is too full for words.

I came back to school several weeks ago, and I’ve been painting my brains out the whole time. This is my last semester of college. I am simultaneously excited and terrified. The feeling is a little like that quiet moment at the top of a roller coaster: full of anticipation so thick it makes your stomach hurt, and full of terror at the inevitable drop that’s about to occur. Except now I’m more or less on the way down, speeding to I’m not even sure what. A graduation and a wedding, for starters.

I have the privilege of presenting this nearly two-year project to my friends and professors on April 11. There’s plenty still to be done, but I often think about the girls who inspired me at the Hope House and I know it’s going to be worth it. Come with me! The end to this adventure is near. I promise to write, and write often.


Under Construction

Things are about to get crazy in here… I’m under construction. Be warned in advance: there may be sudden changes in appearance, color, or design.


Back again + a face lift.

Hello from Indianapolis.

Life is back to its regular, vanilla ice cream flavor: classes, dorm life, & weekend visits from friends and boyfriend. I’m grateful for something familiar and routine after a summer of changes. It took me a little longer than expected to adjust, but now that I’m settled in I will be back to posting regularly.

With that, it looks like my blog will be getting a face lift. One of my classes this semester is called Writing for the Web. Each student in the class will be required to keep a personal blog, through which we will practice web writing and some basic elements of web design. I’m going to be working on this blog. Hopefully the things we learn in class will allow me to improve its layout and appearance, as well as its content. I may also have the opportunity to help On Eagles Wings Ministries and the Hope House with some reorganizing, rewriting, and redesigning of their current website. We’re learning all kinds of stuff about the internet and coding and web hosting. Most of it sounds like Sci-Fi gobbledy goop to me, but I’m still really excited about the chance to learn some useful skills.



home sweet home + what’s next

I’ve been home in Indiana again for a few days now. School is just a week away, so I’m catching some summer moments before it’s all over. I’m ready to get a little sun and go swimming in my backyard. I’m ready to paint nails with my little sister, make fun of my brothers, and go on a date with my boyfriend. My heart needs that stuff. I need a little time to refresh before going back, so this blog will be silent for a week.

But all of that is just a little intermission before things really get going. I’m going back to school to start my senior year of college and put together the project that is the focus of this blog. What can you expect from this blog? I’ll continue posting at least once a week. I’ll keep posting some information about human trafficking stories, news, and resources as I see fit. I will also begin posting more information about the progress of my project. You can expect to see a lot of artwork!

My location and circumstances may be changing, but this blog is not. I hope you’ll stay with me as I move on to the next phase of my project. It’s about to get messy in here.


be back soon

HELLO! I am leaving North Carolina for a week to go to camp. No internet, no blogging! I haven’t abandoned this blog… I’ll be back in a flash.

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