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About this blog.

Hey there. My name is Kyle. I am a girl, in case you were confused. Sometimes having a boy name is different and fun, and sometimes it means they accidentally put you in a boy’s cabin at summer camp every year. And that’s okay, because I think it is funny.

I study Spanish and professional writing at the University of Indianapolis. I plan on graduating this year, which that means I should figure out what I’m going to do with my life eventually. Just not today.

Right now I am working on a project for the honors college at my school. This project is a jumble of different ideas and passions. I love art. I’ve always loved art, since my art-teacher dad taught me how to imagine, create, think, and draw. He’s always encouraged me to take my passions and pursue them to the fullest. So when my honors professors told me I could do any kind of project about anything, I knew it had to be art. Art is big, and loud, and outrageous. It’s a platform to speak and shout and yell all the things that ought to be said beautifully. And that’s when I learned about human trafficking– modern slavery in our midst. Thousands of children and adults sold and used, and nobody to hear their cries. So I decided to learn everything I can, and then to share it all through artwork. I’m currently painting, writing, and drawing about human trafficking. Throughout the process and when I am finished, I’m going to share the art with everyone I know. Firstly, to raise awareness, and secondly, to raise a little money for people with so few resources. I’m going to see what we can do, together, to help out. Stick around. Who knows, it could be fun.


Tell me what you think! Feedback is welcome.

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