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I have the coolest friends. (For real.) Perhaps you remember my post about Brian, who bought a domain name for my blog. Well another friend has stepped in to give my blog a mega-makeover. It finally looks just the way I dreamed!! Whitly Charles is a fantabulous graphic-designer-in-training at the University of Indianapolis. She is a total dreamboat to work with. I can think of few students who take their work so seriously and put in so many hours. She’s a real perfectionist, in the best sense of the term. THANK YOU SO MUCH, WHITLY! I love my new look.

I disappeared from the blogging world again for a bit. I had to put in some long hours to finish up the manuscript for this project, which I am submitting to the honors college review board THIS WEEK. February was a hard month. And then I started March with a sinus infection, since my immune system got mad at me for not taking care of myself. I learned my lesson. I’m back for good! And one month from today, I will present my work to the public!! A year and a half of work is finally coming together now.

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