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I’m not dead.

The reason I’m not a real blogger is because real bloggers don’t abandon their blogs for months at a time. Life is fast, and full. I went home for Thanksgiving break shortly after my last post, and got engaged. (Can I just say WOOHOO!!!!! for a second?) I finished out a furious finals week full of term papers, and went home to a month of sweet bliss with my family and fiancé. The entire time, I had a nagging voice in the back of my head… “Shouldn’t you be blogging?! Shouldn’t  you be painting? Shouldn’t you be writing about your paintings?” but sometimes my heart is quiet. It’s hard to paint or speak because I don’t have a lot to say. I’m not sure how people rely on creative energy to make a living. Sometimes life is too full for words.

I came back to school several weeks ago, and I’ve been painting my brains out the whole time. This is my last semester of college. I am simultaneously excited and terrified. The feeling is a little like that quiet moment at the top of a roller coaster: full of anticipation so thick it makes your stomach hurt, and full of terror at the inevitable drop that’s about to occur. Except now I’m more or less on the way down, speeding to I’m not even sure what. A graduation and a wedding, for starters.

I have the privilege of presenting this nearly two-year project to my friends and professors on April 11. There’s plenty still to be done, but I often think about the girls who inspired me at the Hope House and I know it’s going to be worth it. Come with me! The end to this adventure is near. I promise to write, and write often.


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