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Back again + a face lift.

Hello from Indianapolis.

Life is back to its regular, vanilla ice cream flavor: classes, dorm life, & weekend visits from friends and boyfriend. I’m grateful for something familiar and routine after a summer of changes. It took me a little longer than expected to adjust, but now that I’m settled in I will be back to posting regularly.

With that, it looks like my blog will be getting a face lift. One of my classes this semester is called Writing for the Web. Each student in the class will be required to keep a personal blog, through which we will practice web writing and some basic elements of web design. I’m going to be working on this blog. Hopefully the things we learn in class will allow me to improve its layout and appearance, as well as its content. I may also have the opportunity to help On Eagles Wings Ministries and the Hope House with some reorganizing, rewriting, and redesigning of their current website. We’re learning all kinds of stuff about the internet and coding and web hosting. Most of it sounds like Sci-Fi gobbledy goop to me, but I’m still really excited about the chance to learn some useful skills.



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