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home sweet home + what’s next

I’ve been home in Indiana again for a few days now. School is just a week away, so I’m catching some summer moments before it’s all over. I’m ready to get a little sun and go swimming in my backyard. I’m ready to paint nails with my little sister, make fun of my brothers, and go on a date with my boyfriend. My heart needs that stuff. I need a little time to refresh before going back, so this blog will be silent for a week.

But all of that is just a little intermission before things really get going. I’m going back to school to start my senior year of college and put together the project that is the focus of this blog. What can you expect from this blog? I’ll continue posting at least once a week. I’ll keep posting some information about human trafficking stories, news, and resources as I see fit. I will also begin posting more information about the progress of my project. You can expect to see a lot of artwork!

My location and circumstances may be changing, but this blog is not. I hope you’ll stay with me as I move on to the next phase of my project. It’s about to get messy in here.


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