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A few last adventures

I came back from camp on Friday. The last few days have been a blast. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to my internship. When I came home, E came running into Sheri’s house yelling my name. I was exhausted, but so happy to see her. Another intern asked if we wanted to go on a hike. I thought she was crazy. A hike? It was already 7:00 and I was pretty much ready to fall in bed and sleep for a few days. But we went anyway. We drove up the mountains and hiked up to an overlook to watch the sun set. North Carolina is beautiful!! I am so glad we went.

Sunset on the Parkway

On Saturday, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. When you live in the mountains, you don’t bother going to the pool on hot days; usually you head to the river. We cancelled all our plans and went to a little spot known as Trashcan Falls. We climbed up the rocks to some little waterfalls and soaked up some sunshine. When we showed up, there were dozens of butterflies floating around. I felt like we were in a movie. I have no idea why they were all gathered in one place, but it was beautiful to see!

Trashcan Falls

On Sunday, we went to Sheri’s house and pulled out some tie dye we’d been saving all summer. We made some tank tops and some pillowcases. E had never dyed anything before. She was so excited to see the results that she asked if we could go home and grab all of the donated clothing and bedding for the Hope House and dye it, too. It was fun to splash around in the hose and the sunshine and dye stuff all day. (Don’t worry, we left the Hope House donations alone.) Afterwards, Sheri took E and I out to a nice restaurant in downtown Boone. I really enjoyed spending time with my two new friends from the summer. Sheri kept making fun of us because our hands are stained purple from the tie dye. We wore gloves, but apparently they weren’t very dye proof. Lesson learned: don’t trust the gloves in the kit. Buy your own.

Tie dye pillowcase

Today we’re planning on making some of E’s favorite strawberry cupcakes. I made them for her birthday party, and she asked if we could have some more before I leave. I can’t wait to taste that strawberry cream cheese icing. It’s my favorite!


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